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Sandra is a relatively silent dreamer who enjoys music, fiction, poetry and moving pictures on glass screens.| For the most part, I write, read, take pictures, imagine and breathe, all while listening to music.|
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Exactly one year ago, I saw Toe upfront. It turned out to be one of the most memorable concerts I have ever been to, and that’s not only because I got to be in the photo pit. Their music is subtly riveting, refined and melodic. 

Their music live is something you could comfortably sink into. Much of what made Toe’s concert worthwhile was seeing how passionate the band was in dishing out a great performance. Looking at their faces closely, you could not help but notice that they played as if they were having the time of their lives on that stage – the way their mouths gaped, their faces contorted and the way they seemed to dance around as if they were just losing themselves in the music. And the hundreds (or a bit over a thousand) of people in the crowd recognized that too. They eagerly hung onto the every movement of the band, anticipating which song they’d be playing. They cheered and hooted as the band hit the memorable notes in certain parts of the songs.

It was such a grand experience to witness them play live. Their music is something I haven’t gotten tired of until now and I pretty much listen to their songs daily since then.

(Meanwhile, I can’t believe it has been a year. I hope they play here again.)

A flash, birthing 
a frameless photograph.
A careless handshake, withholding
a nondescript moment. 
I ask, in my mind, did you notice
how my fingers first froze 
at a sliver of your touch?

   in your mind,

did you ever see 
the point where we 
vanish among thousands?
Two heads at the center
of the specter, inhaling 
noises, filtering music,

   in separate spaces,

a world begins 
in layers of vacant stares, 
of human shadows 
overlapping, of traces
of time spilling, of the abscess 
of silence, of the pauses 
of motion,

   at the edge

of the shadow looming
across the room, the point 
where light bends in two –
the illusion, and the deconstruction –
the premonition, then the discovery
of another existence, breathing

   in another time frame,

I met you as you 
captured images in spirals 
of smoke, you wrote words
upon whispers, you found me 
as I found you and I knew 
how you vanished 
to the point of dissolution.

I ask, would you mind, if I 
traced the meanings 
from the curve of your eyes

down to your spine, if I 
dismantled your skeletons 
and wrapped them

around mine? 
I ask you, will you 
ever mind the years 
I had already lost with time?

by Sandra Mae Laureano

The other day, I was listening to Snow Patrol’s The Planets Bend Between Us on repeat for the 30-minute ride home. I don’t know why, but I just repeatedly pressed rewind after the song ended. I went home drowning in Gary Lightbody’s voice. 

Kazutaka Komaki of tricot | What’s Ochansensu-su? Asia Tour | 19 East | March 15, 2014

March 27. Today is Komaki’s last day as a member of tricot.

(Insert: sadness.)

Here’s a band I’ve been tripping over for this month: Tricot, a Japanese math rock band composed of three feisty girls on guitars and one mysterious guy on drums. I had the privilege of seeing them perform at 19 East and it was just awesome. 

More photos soon! (although technically, it’s already a bit late.)

tricot | What’s Ochansensu-su? Asia Tour | 19 East | March 15, 2014

(March 18, 2014)

Out of sheer impulse, I had some of my concert photos printed earlier. I’ve been thinking about doing this for more than a year now, but I never actually went ahead with it. 

Here are today’s by-products. More to come soon! (That ever indefinite word.) There’s a whole stock I need to print, but I still need to sort them out. Meanwhile, these babies will be hanging somewhere in my room. 

Again, I’m infinitely thankful to Philippine Concerts. If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t have been able to experience all the awesomeness.

The succeeding show of the Febfest series gave its revelers another great night. It was a different kind of music festival what with its distinct vibe. Being inside the halls of the Metrotent, the fog and chill creeping around, coupled with the unconventional tunes of The National, Youth Lagoon and Buke and Gase transported the audience into a surreal trance.

Check out our review of Febfest Part 2 here:

Febfest 2014: Hostess Club Manila | Part 2 | Metrotent | February 20, 2014

Matt Berninger of The National 

Febfest 2014: Hostess Club Manila | Part 2 | Metrotent | February 20, 2014

Trevor Powers, the man behind Youth Lagoon, taking the stage during the 2nd part of Febfest last Thursday.

Strangely and unexpectedly, his music drew me in deeply. The first time I listened to a Youth Lagoon song, I thought it was plain weird, but when I got to experience it live, it was somewhat magical, poetic even. 

Youth Lagooon | Febfest 2014: Hostess Club Manila | Part 2 | Metrotent | February 20, 2014

Buke and Gase is a (very) experimental duo from Brooklyn, composed of Arone Dyer and Aron Sanchez. Arone plays the buke (a baritone ukulele) while Aron plays the gase (crossbreed of a guitar and bass), instruments which they themselves invented. Their music live was absorbing. It’s so unpredictable and organic that you’d want to hear more and more of it. 

Febfest 2014: Hostess Club Manila | Part 2 | Metrotent | February 20, 2014

A big part of what makes me so happy right now is last night’s concert. The second part of Febfest was so surprisingly incredible! It really was a one-of-a-kind music festival, starting with Buke and Gase, Youth Lagoon and of course, The National.

(More photos to be uploaded over the weekends.) 

All thanks go to Philippine Concerts and RandomMindsProduction!

Febfest 2014: Hostess Club Manila | Part 2 | Metrotent | February 20, 2014

Being in Avril’s concert meant something to me. Growing up, I admired her attitude and her willfulness — how she always acted like she was having the time of her life doing silly things without minding what people say. 

I still have the cassette tape of her first album which I used to loop during my first two years in high school. Her music and even her image took a 180-degree turn after that so I completely stopped following her career. However, I never thought that getting to see her concert 10 years after and hearing all those familiar songs would make me so, so happy. It was as if I came back to that bright-eyed kid who didn’t care about (the important) things.

(Also, it meant something because it was my first time to shoot with a DSLR after almost 2 years of constantly attending concerts, and I think I almost failed.)

Avril Lavigne: Live in Manila | SMART Araneta Coliseum | February 17, 2014

Avril Lavigne: Live in Manila | SMART Araneta Coliseum | February 17, 2014